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Obama administration’s unprecedented decision to invite Russian troops for terror drills on U.S. soil

A leading anchor on Russian state television on Sunday described Russia as the only country capable of turning the United States into “radioactive ash”, in an incendiary comment at the height of tensions over the Crimea referendum. When President Obama … Continue reading

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Americas rulers cling to scraps of global leftist ideology that isolate them from their own people.

Obama-Bows-to-Saudi-King Demographic projections continue to favor the growth of Islam over China, Russia and the United States. The three powers deal with Muslims by dividing them up into three groups; those that are part of their systems, those that are … Continue reading

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What would the Navy be without solar panels and windmills?

Obama is seeking to abolish two highly successful missile programs that experts say has helped the U.S. Navy maintain military superiority for the past several decades. The Tomahawk missile program—known as “the world’s most advanced cruise missile”—is set to be … Continue reading

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With one ill-chosen action, the Obama administration has managed to undermine our strategic interests and reward its corporate cronies,”

Judicial Watch Press Room The government watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Treasury Department for records pertaining to the department’s decision to grant a Chinese government-backed company access to oil deposits in the Gulf of Mexico, a move that … Continue reading

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Obama’s Response to Russia’s Annexation of Crimea

This means that our banks and businesses will not return the loans to American partners Continue reading

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Obama To Relinquishing Control Of The Internet Within The Next Year.

On Friday, Obama officials announced that they intend to relinquish control of the internet to the international community, but failed to specify who, or what, would maintain oversight of the internet’s administration. I guess China will do a better job. What fools … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Ignored Pleas for Seven Hours

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Why Somali MUSLIM Pirates won’t be attacking Russian ships

Why Somali MUSLIM Pirates won’t be attacking Russian ships anytime soon Somali Muslim Pirates capture a Russian oil tanker. Russian Navy commandos quickly free their compatriots and the tanker. They move the pirates back to their own ship, searching for … Continue reading

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