The village must act in the place of parents. It accepts these responsibilities in all our names through the authority we vest in the government. Hillary Clinton

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We are driving a hemispheric shift from traditional education to a global program of re-learning not unlike the old Soviet indoctrination in “totalitarian democracy.” (See Brainwashing in America)

Students in public schools are already subject to the new national-international standards for “understanding” or “literacy.” The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 calls for a human resource system that allows the state to manage and monitor most people outside our formal education system: pre-schoolers, parents, “disadvantaged youth” and workers of all ages.

In this huge workforce development system, specific kinds of literacy become doorways to social privileges. Non-compliant parents, youth, and workers are “at risk” of being denied the certificates or diplomas required to enter the workplace or higher education.

Some of the literacies that count in the new system are listed in Section 231(b) of the Act. They include “the following categories: (1) Adult education and literacy services, including workplace literacy services. (2) Family literacy services. (3) English literacy programs.” Section 212, which deals with the performance measures needed for monitoring “progress,” adds some variations of literacy: “numeracy, problem solving, English language acquisition, and other literacy skills.

Consider what these mean:

It means basic work and communication skills — those that are specific to the job, not the ability to read books and newspapers. It also involves politically correct attitudes and readiness to become an adaptive team player. Cooperation, compliance and collective thinking are essential to workplace literacy.

Its goal is compliant and efficient laborers for the global economy, not the high literacy envisioned by America’s founders who recognized that the ability to read well and understand history was key to the strength and success of our republic.

English literacy programs” are mainly designed for the masses of immigrants to be integrated into the national economy. They teach what is also called Functional literacy — the basic skills (such as reading a map or following instructions) needed to live and participate in an English speaking society.

Problem solving” fits into a large group of words and phrases that point to team work. All potential workers and community servers must learn to work in groups. They must participate in the consensus process, learn to dialogue according to the rules, seek common ground, find team solutions and demonstrate adaptability and willingness to conform.

The open-ended phrase “other literacy skills” leaves the law open to all kinds of intrusive interpretations that support the UN plan for “life-long learning,” “mental health” and socialization for the global village.

Family Literacy Servicesis defined in Section 203 (7). Notice the emphasis on interactive or group dialogue:

27421988-sad-children-hugging-his-motherThe term “family literacy services” means services that are of sufficient intensity in terms of hours, and of sufficient duration, to make sustainable changes in a family. Parents must be trained to communicate as partners in the overall system, not an independent authority. They must be trained to use dialogue, not authoritative teaching, so that children remain open-minded, free from the “intolerance” and “extremism.

male-crying-100100961Creating new meanings that rule out the biblical world view and immerse students in the global paradigm is key to the new way of learning. And, as Clinton’s Goals 2000 and UNESCO’s Education for All emphasize repeatedly, every person — young and old — must participate in the process. Today’s information technology and management systems will help assess individual progress and monitor change, progress, and cooperation. (Read chapters 2, 3 and 4 in Brave New Schools)

hillary-in-blue-hijab-300x205  “The village must act in the place of parents. It accepts these responsibilities in all our names through the authority we vest in the government.”  Hillary

Emphasize repeatedly, every person — young and old — must participate in the process.

Economic Literacy (understanding “the problem of scarcity” –a Marxist philosophical view–and evaluating “the distribution of scarce resources” globally), and Socio-political Literacy (understanding political systems and the influences that affect the changing “interpretations of the Constitution”).

But that’s not all. Environmental Literacy means embracing the global view of the “environmental crisis” and accepting the politically correct understanding of Global Warming, Ozone holes, etc.

14764494-senior-physician-having-headache-holding-his-headHealth Literacy means accepting the new politically correct standards and responsibilities for personal and community health, including familiarity with sexual options, “healthy” (not the intolerant or closed minded associated with Biblical Christianity) attitudes, and the worldwide Mental Health program prescribed and monitored by the United Nations.

Finally, Cultural Literacy means viewing life, people, and nature from a politically correct or new-paradigm perspective.

21173867-finger-pointing-to-angry-and-tired-little-girl-studyingMost of our schools are already teaching literacy based on these new meanings. That’s what “whole language” is all about. Educational change agents know well that children will show less resistance to the new psycho-social strategies if they learn the “right” values and mental filters before they learn to read well enough to expose their minds and imaginations to contrary suggestions.

The ultimate goal is an international workforce, centrally controlled, locally managed by an appointed council, and loyal to the new global and environmental ideals

12006104-dejected-entrepreneurEach worker must conform to the new collective mindset and be willing to trade individual ideas for group thinking — and biblical values for a global ethic. Nothing less will fit the new global management system designed to standardize and manage workers, education, communities, and governments around the world.

Hillary more of the same

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