muslims poison dogsLaced sausage poisoning is now exported to Sweden. This kind of method to kill dogs and cats have been used by Muslims in Spain, Britain, Netherlands, France and other parts of Europe.

Is there anything these satanic savages don’t do to please their god of the underworld? Just unfathomable that they imagine there exist any kind of heaven for them at all.

The most forbidden word in the Swedish press starting with M is of course never mentioned in the article below. And should they arrest the criminals – and we promise the are Muslim – they will deny that this behavior is typical for Muslim and the Islamic “culture” related to the hallucinations of prophet Mohammed.

They also fill sausages with nails and spread them over fields and other areas where dog owners walk their pets. Muslims have also been found dosing pets with lighter fluid and lit them on fire.

Britain’s favorite hate preacher and extremist, Anjem Choudary (carefully protected for his “human rights” rather than shot point blank) has admitted that Muslims steal livestock and cattle all across Europe. This cattle is then tortured and beheaded to be ‘halal’ in the same way Muslims commit jihad.

How to avoid Muslims from poisoning your dogs?

1. Have your dog wear a lose muzzle so it doesn’t pick up unknown items to eat or chew.
2. Install a fully concealed letter basket inside your front door so any poisonous meat through mail slots is not reached by your pets.
3. Install a good quality hidden cam for your front door and any patio/garden area if your neighborhood has experienced incidents of poisoned pets.
4. Start demanding a complete stop on Muslim immigration, Muslim asylum and demand the government to deport Muslims.
6. Stop defending these savages and pretend that only a minority wants you or your pets harm.
7. Inform and educate other people that Muslims across Europe have been responsible for these crimes on animals, so people in the area know who to keep an eye on.

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