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Don’t arm those who hate us. Don’t arm those who want to kill us.”

  Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Obama’s Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels: “Arming Potential Al-Qaeda Rebels” is not in U.S. National Interest – Video 6/20/13 Here is video of Sen. Ted Cruz speaking on the Senate Floor today where he blasted … Continue reading

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Partner groups for America Votes include a number that received thousands of dollars in donations from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Posted by jj campbell on May 8, 2013 at 11:10pm View Blog Colorado’s secretary of state has “ approved petition language” for recall efforts aimed at State Senate President John Morse (D) and Rep. Mike McLachlan (D). The recall campaigns … Continue reading

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Progressive Machine is the brains in the White House.

by James Girardi If you look back over the major crisis affecting America since 2008, in each crisis Americans saw Obama go on road trips to give Czars and Advisors time to devise probable solutions. The Main Stream Media assures … Continue reading

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