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A Muslim Beheaded Two Christians in NJ… And the Media IGNORED It

by Ed Brown— February 26, 2013 28 year-old Yusuf Ibrahim had been charged with killing 2 Christians, beheading them and cutting off their hands – eventually burying them in his backyard. It’s also alleged that Ibrahim set fire to a … Continue reading

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Americas rulers cling to scraps of global leftist ideology that isolate them from their own people.

Obama-Bows-to-Saudi-King Demographic projections continue to favor the growth of Islam over China, Russia and the United States. The three powers deal with Muslims by dividing them up into three groups; those that are part of their systems, those that are … Continue reading

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Obama wrote “I will stand with them (Muslims)

I have been posting this line for over a year now. Obama wrote “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. Wake up America!! Obama’s statements toward our allies with his reaction to … Continue reading

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By failing to challenge Islam

Sultanknish.blogspot.com. Build a mosque near Ground Zero, and you prove that the West does not even value the graves of its martyred dead. Set off a bomb in a crowded cafe and snicker as the governments of the dead rush … Continue reading

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