Latino support for the president’s strategy, doesn’t amount to a majority

mexico we are not responsibleThe Obama White House is counting on strong Latino support as the president rolls out his executive edict legalizing millions of currently illegal immigrants. But a new poll suggests Latino approval of unilateral presidential action isn’t all that strong.

And even more oppose unilateral Obama action. It turns out Latino support for the president’s strategy, which doesn’t even amount to a majority, is not quite as decisive as some advocates hope.

The Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll, released Wednesday, asked respondents, “Do you approve or disapprove of the president taking executive action on immigration, or do you not know enough to have an opinion at this time?”

Overall, 48 percent of those surveyed said they disapprove of Obama’s action, versus 38 percent who said they approve and 13 percent who said they didn’t have an opinion or weren’t sure.

Among Latinos, more approve than disapprove, but not by a terribly large margin. According to a breakdown provided by the pollsters, 43 percent of Latino respondents said they approved of the president’s actions, versus 37 percent who disapproved and 20 percent who said they didn’t have an opinion or weren’t sure.


A six-percentage-point margin of approval is far short of overwhelming. A higher number of Latinos, 56 percent, told pollsters they would support congressional action on the issue, and 69 percent supported the idea of a pathway to citizenship for those now here illegally. But a core of Latinos opposed those measures too: 32 percent opposed congressional action, and 30 percent opposed a pathway.

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