Anyone believe that Obama will stop immigration after 5 million ?

mexico we are not responsibleNothing has been done by this Administration to create jobs. It is bogus to say things are getting better for the middleclass or most Americans. The four highest-ranking House GOP leaders — Boehner, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, McMorris Rodgers — all hail from blue or purple states. A better balance, would be to have two Republicans in leadership who hail from red states and two from states that favor Obama and Democrats.

So they will side with the looters and enemies of our country to keep their cushy jobs and AAA Healthcare Plans, while the rest of us see nothing but a dismal future for our country thanks to people like Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry,John Boehner, McCain, Schummer. Anyone believe that Obama will stop immigration after 5 million. The Last 4 New World Order Presidents have destroyed our country .

The Democratic Party has been a willing accomplice letting their radical leaders have a free hand as dictators putting all but America first. Democrats must ask is turning your country over to Marxists of the New World Order worth you making another Democratic Party Vote.

This is clearly Obama  Narcissistic Personality Disorder combined with delusional outbursts that are arguably psychotic in nature, certainly not rational. In fact, it is because they are so irrational that they have not come to popular attention. It sounds ridiculous unless someone carefully looks at it.

Hillary more of the same

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