“The Unofficial” IRS Timeline


Lois_Lerner.jpg GRANTED TAX REXEMPTION TO Lois Lerner is the scowling face of this state, which has earned Americans’ distrust.

“Unofficial” IRS Timeline:

by: comment poster Old Grandpa
– 2000 Lois Lerner at FEC, sending conservative DONOR LISTS to LlB Activist groups for targeting by “community demonstrators”.
– 2007 “Public Campaign” (a L1BERAL 501 C3, with Susan L Anderson as a top officer) has developed strategy to prevent donations from getting to CONSERVA TIVE GROUPS, by atta cking individuals and companies on DONOR LISTS, and working constantly with the FEC using community organizations as leverage (Ms Anderson was also prominent in organizing the OWS)
– 2008 LOIS LERNER (in the IRS, apparantly mentored-by/working-with Ms Anderson) begins funneling CONSERVA TIVE DONOR LISTS to private llberal activist groups, as well as to other federal agencies, for “targeting”
– 2008 Susan L Anderson’s HUSBAND appointed head of the IRS by PRES BUSH at the urgent insistence of the DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED CONGRESS, the group “Public Campaign” begins to scrub it’s website of references to Ms Anderson (Susan L Anderson’s husband is the one who had signed up 158 times to visit the White House)
2010 DEMOCRAT SENATORS and REPRESENTATIVES write IRS insisting that “CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL ACTIVISTS” be denied tax-exempt status

2010 IRS begins “shelving” applications, neither approving nor denying them, and when prompted for followup, issuing exhaustive and invasive questionaires, but then continuing to ignore that application, while “leaking” the information collected
– 2010 Republican Congress (and Treasury Inspectors General) begin “investigating” the targeting of “conservative” groups by IRS, FBI, ATF, FEC, and EPA – why were there “coordinated attacks by several agencies, for ONLY being on a conservative’s DONOR LIST?
– 2012 Attorney General Eric Holder and then-IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman personally conducted “pep talk” for leaders of nation’s black churches to coach them on how to use the church influence to get black voters to the polls without endangering the churches “non-political” tax-exempt status
– 2013 IRS’s Lois Lerner decides AFTER THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION to try to minimize the damage (and the CRIMINAL LIABILITY) by “leaking” the controversy to the public.
– 2013 CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS go into “PUBLIC KUBUKI DANCE” mode, as Inspectors General, as well as HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES scream “OK, NOW WE’RE SERIOUS (about oversight of the government)”… With Democrats pretending to “protect the president” (when they are “protecting” their part in this issue), and Republicans pretending to be outraged because they are “just finding out about this issue” (when actually this subject has been a bitter fig ht in the Congress over the last 10 years)
– 2013 Mr George, Treasury Dept Inspector General over the IRS, reported to the DOJ that Democrat politicians were ILLEGALLY using the IRS as “information gathering” on their opponents, looking at TAX information, and DONOR LISTS, asking for the DOJ to investigate. Eric Holder refused the investigation
– Sep 2013 Obama’s_courts_rule that White_House visitor logs are SEALED until 12 years after he leaves office, no longer subject to FOIA requests. Why did Susan L Anderson’s husband visit the WHI TE HOUSE 158 times? We’ll find out in 2026

– Sep 2013 – Ms Lerner’s early e-mails begin to surface, Lois Lerner resigns, announces that this is so she can retire. Pleads the 5th at Congressional hearings.
– Apr 2014 – Lois Lerner’s ex-boss at the FEC, Larry Noble (former General Counsel at the FEC), (now president of Liberal Activist Group “Americans for Campaign Reform”), emerges as prominent in Eric Holder’s DOJ push to make up criminal charges against conservative groups.
– Jun 2014 – IRS announces Lerner’s e-mails lost, days later emails for OTHER PEOPLE are declared “lost”, IRS victims begin to win in court by proving they were intentionally targetted and their DONOR LISTS illegally released to liberal activist groups.
– Jul 2014 – Republican Congress “gets lost in the weeds”, looking for a connection between Lerner and Obama, as they learn about systemic effort to hide official IRS inter-personnel text communications. But private attorneys such a Cleta Mitchell and Jay Sekulow are aware of the TRUE ISSUES, and are assisting CONSERVATIVE GROUPS such as “TRUE THE VOTE”.
– Jul 2014 – IRS agrees to support athiests’s group, and begin cracking down on US CHURCH SPEECH.
– Sep 2014 – US MEDIA begins to understand that the IRS SCANDAL predated OBAMA, and was NOT about slow-walking applications, but RATHER A SYSTEMATIC MAPPING OF CONSERVATIVE DONORS, that ORIGINATED in the FEC. ?”:????
– Oct 2014 – The same court that suppressed the White House log until 2026, showing Shulman’s 157 visits to the WH, just threw out the Jay Sekulow suit on behalf of True-The-Vote, et al. “If the IRS has promised to stop, then the lawsuits are moot.”


OldOKGrampa OldOKGrampaa month ago

“White House visitor logs are SEALED”
During the 157 visits by Ms Anderson’s husband, to the White House, was Ms Anderson or anybody from “Public Campaign” involved? How about Ms Lerner? Did SHE visit with Ms Anderson, Mr Shulman, or anybody from “PUBLIC CAMPAIGN” during her tenure at the IRS?
None of your affair.

Hillary more of the same



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