Boehner – Now All The Rhinos love Him, Progressives And liberals Too

John Boehner Might Want To Switch Parties.

House Speaker John Boehner You could have stopped Obama
But chose instead to turn and run

boehner ryan scam gop betrayer’s

In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” – Thomas Jefferson


patriotism-matters18 days ago

Boehner the spineless Speaker
Has a very shiny nose
And just like Pinnochio
You would even say it grows

Johnny betrayed his party
Never even tried to fight
Turns out he is a coward
Leaning left instead of right

Some of the braver Have spoken out and called him names
They will not let this traitor
Get away without some blame

Then one foggy dreary night
Barry came to say
Johnny with your nose so brown
Won’t you lay your integrity down

Now all the rinos love him
Progressives and liberals too
But now poor little Johnny
Will soon find out that he is through

Your supporters in Ohio
Won’t forget what you have done
You could have stopped Obama
But chose instead to turn and run

Well Johnny as you’re sleeping
On each future Christmas eve
I hope that you are haunted
By the people you decieved

Unlike that little reindeer
Who brightens up ole Santa’s way
You do your work in darkness
As you pull on Barry’s sleigh



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