America’s Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev is a reality.

Senior Citizens Public Square


While recent news reports confirm US support to the two Neo-Nazi parties, CIA support to Ukraine’s OUN dates back to the Cold War era. Acknowledged by historians yet unknown to the American public was Washington’s insidious support of Ukraine OUN Neo-Nazis after World War II as a means of destabilizing the Soviet Union.

This support was an integral part of what was called the “Truman Doctrine” formulated by State Department official George Kennan. A bitter irony, following the defeat of Nazi Germany, the Truman administration (D) instructed US intelligence at the height of the Cold War to ensure the continuation of Nazi Germany’s support to Ukraine’s OUN “Nachtingall battalion”, reshaped and transformed into a subversive guerrilla group under an Anglo-American acronym.

Today Obama administration foster’s a process of escalation and destabilization? The Neo-Nazi mobs had been trained and indoctrinated. Western special forces and mercenaries on contract to NATO and the Pentagon…

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