It is unjust when privileged liberal activists get to Alinskyize their targets

obama angerAs President, I Will Defend Americans Against the Moral Bullies’ “fighting for the people against the powerful.” It’s the standard line of the activist. No doubt it’s what the marginalized and dependent classes are looking for in a president.

But if you are a responsible individual you may find that sort of thing insulting. People of the Responsible Self don’t want some community organizer drilling them in a street protest; we just want a government that defends us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Defending against enemies foreign and domestic is what governments are actually supposed to do. But America has another little problem right now. You know what it is. America is suffering from a plague of the liberal moral bullies with nothing better to do than humiliate people that don’t agree with them.

Even as we speak, the indefatigable Michelle Malkin reports that all the best cities now have their own social justice magnet school. Really? America needs to encourage more kids to become social justice activists?

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That’s why we need a leader, right now, ready to defend Americans against the social-justice activists.

We need a presidential candidate saying: “As president, I will defend America against the moral bullies.”

When you think about it, it is a scandal that the leaders of the Republican Party appear to be utterly clueless about defending good honest conservatives from the liberal community activists and moral bullies. It’s no less a scandal because, as Alastair Roberts writes, the “empowered and privileged” activist getting outraged on behalf of people “supposed to be offended” is doing the easiest job in the world.

There are few people more zealous in offence-taking and outrage-making than persons doing so on behalf of the ‘subject supposed to be offended’… Such persons regard themselves as sensitive and caring protectors of the weak and oppressed. Offence-taking and outrage-making is not a mere prerogative for them, but is a noble duty and calling. The more of an outrage they create on others’ behalf, the more virtuous they feel.

I’ve written about all this at great length here.

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Here is the very cesspool of injustice. In the sixth year of the Obama Dynasty it’s open season for the social justice activist and the moral bully. She can stigmatize her opponents with the liberal pejorative du jour any time she wants, because social justice. If President Obama doesn’t have her back, she can be sure that Eric “Proud to be an activist” Holder will be there for her. That’s outrageous, because, per Roberts, the activist in question is usually way more privileged and powerful than the target of the pejorative.

In America today It is unjust when privileged liberal activists get to Alinskyize their targets, and freeze, personalize, and polarize them. It’s unjust unless their targets are truly powerful people. Which probably means they are liberals with a smartphone full of powerful contacts and a get-out-of-jail-free app.


When President Obama took the side of a powerful African American professor against a powerless policeman just doing his job, he was acting like a moral bully. When President Obama took the side of powerful race-card activists in the Trayvon Martin case against a powerless “white Hispanic” he was acting like a moral bully.

And America cannot be true to its founding and its promise so long as it cowers before the liberal moral bullies. To quote a prominent American: It’s just not who we are.

All I want in 2016 is a Republican presidential nominee with the courage and the moxie to say “I will defend ordinary Americans against the moral bullies.” And then do it. Again and again.

Perhaps in some presidential exploratory committee at this very moment, some young staffer — that one day will be a household name – is working out the operational plan and the detailed tactics of how to do this: how to stick it to the liberal moral bullies and how to make them cringe in shame, and rout them out of the moral high ground forever.

Then America can come together again, and start to build trust again, and start to celebrate freedom again, all over the world.

Hillary more of the same

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