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Capital controls are laws that regulate and restrict what you are allowed to do with your money

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “capital controls,” it’s probably because we tend to avoid them in the United States in favor of a free market economy. Capital controls are simply laws that regulate and restrict what you are allowed … Continue reading

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The Endgame Of The American Radical Left – Increasingly Indistinguishable From Today’s Democrat Party

The most chilling of all is the testimony given by FBI informant Larry Grathwohl. See it here in this clip from a 1982 documentary. The Weather Underground planned to build re-education camps in the American Southwest. Those who wouldn’t submit … Continue reading

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we can rid ourselves of Rhino’s and Progressive Democrats And save our country.

It’s a humiliating failure of a Congress whose members seem to going their own way while we see the Dems sticking together under their maniac Progressive Leadership. The Dems rule with a heavy hand in their quest to bring Marxist … Continue reading

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Regionalism – The Blueprint for Your Serfdom – Globalism vs. America

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)MPOs are federally mandated and, like COGs, are the instruments for restructuring American government. They are setting up an infrastructure for a new economic system based on public private partnership to replace free enterprise. COGs and MPOs … Continue reading

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Is this really just “a little bit more”, as President Obama asserts?

By William Brown (Tax Attorney Des Moines, Iowa.) Today I prepared the 2012 tax return for one of my clients who owns a successful Iowa small business. The taxes for the year were substantial. As a lark, I decided to … Continue reading

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If the economy is improving, then why are many of the largest retail chains in America closing hundreds of stores?

Michael Snyder Economic Collapse Feb 18, 2013 When I was growing up, Sears, J.C. Penney, Best Buy and RadioShack were all considered to be unstoppable retail powerhouses. But now it is being projected that all of them will close hundreds … Continue reading

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Financial institutions have been planning for a financial collapse wherein the US government will not offer assistance

Banks Can Legally Steal Customer Funds From Private Checking Accounts Susanne Posel Aug 20th, 2012 In 2007, the Sentinel Management Group (SMG) collapsed, leaving many customer segregated funds lost after they had been used as collateral. After a plethora of … Continue reading

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Capital Control will come to the United States as well. There are over 15 trillion reasons why.

There are consequences to investing any level of confidence in a financial system underpinned by debt and the creation of paper currency. There are consequences for ignoring reality and pretending that everything is normal. This is one of them: European … Continue reading

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Obama Plans to Run Navy As A Corporation ????? Tell Me It.s Not True

I do hope this post is not for real. But with all the things we thought could not happen in America and did. I feel its possible. Please someone tell us this is not true. Here is the post. I … Continue reading

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Obama Sends Billions Abroad In addition to the billions expected to be promised to Egypt and Tunisia, and the sanctions being placed on Syria, Obama has already announced hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to Jordan. Jordan however is not a Middle … Continue reading

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