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Obamacare give businesses a $3,000 incentive to hire illegal immigrants

 Barack Obama tries to quiet hecklers as he addresses the crowd after meeting with community leaders about his executive action on immigration Nov. 25, 2014, in Chicago. Obamacare comes with something called the employer mandate, which, in a roundabout way, … Continue reading

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No other issue defines the gap between the elites in this country and middle Americans who go to work every day,”

Fact, many GOP legislators oppose Boehner’s decision to permit spending for the amnesty, according to GOP legislators, including Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp and Iowa Rep. Steve King. That internal GOP opposition to the amnesty is forcing Boehner to ask Democratic … Continue reading

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Is it legal to solicit minor children to cross the border, take possession of them, and to distribute them across the Nation??

Administration looked to hire escorts for the alien children as early as January. I ask Is it legal to solicit minor children to cross the border, take possession of them, and to distribute them across the Nation?? Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien … Continue reading

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Many present day Democrats remain loyal to the party because they don’t realize what has happened to their party

19,500 illegal aliens arrived from terrorist countries. Our own Congress may insanely legalize up to 30 million illegals and jump legal immigration one hundred percent annually – to two million per year. This legislation increases by tens of thousands work … Continue reading

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Real Unemployment is 23% – During the Great Depression, Congress lowered immigration to Zero

by Townhall Magazine Finance Editor, John Ransom There are two other measures of unemployment maintained by BLS. U6 reports 14.5% Ransom calls a “more accurate” measure and 23% that includes all who gave up trying to find a job. There … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens Will Receive Work Permits 300,000 illegal aliens could potentially receive work permits and compete for jobs with 22 million Americans

According to a Wall Street Journal report, illegal aliens will be eligible to receive work permits if their deportation is deferred through the Obama Administration’s new policy. Yesterday, the Administration announced that the Department of Homeland Security will review all … Continue reading

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Dream Act by Reed And The Liberal Congress Will Cost $6.2 Billion- Just Say No

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) The CIS suggests that taxpayers will spend at least $6.2 billion annually to fund these students. Republican leaders are venting frustration after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) placed a new version of a … Continue reading

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