The most responsible members of society are now being held up as potential “enemies of the state.”

Florida Seniors Government Watch

5 January 2011 © Michael G. Leventhal –

Loss of liberty comes in increments. In Obama’s America, this was the case in Leesburg Florida, where Homeland Security thugs descended on the local Social Security office. Brandishing Assault Weapons they demanded the elderly “show us your papers.”

The intimidation of the elderly was part of what’s called “Operation Shield.” It’s billed as detecting the presence of allegedly unauthorized and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities. Yup. According to Obama’s Homeland Security, the elderly are now added to returning white Veterans as prime terrorist threats in America. Perhaps they should have called the action “Operation Prostate,” or “Operation Viagra.”

So let’s see what America has become in a short period of time:

(a) As of one year ago, the President now has the authority to shut down any website he wants to censor opposition and communication between people.

(b) Under Amendments to…

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