we can rid ourselves of Rhino’s and Progressive Democrats And save our country.

It’s a humiliating failure of a Congress whose members seem to going their own way while we see the Dems sticking together under their maniac Progressive Leadership. The Dems rule with a heavy hand in their quest to bring Marxist ideology to America. Many believe they threaten sane members to not support their re election ect..

Newt Gingrich was the only candidate that could gather the Republicans to do right for the American people. He had done it before and could have done it again. There was no one that could whip the congress into shape and force them together.. Only Newt. He had the —– you know whats to do it. And he does not like to fail. He is confident.strong and has done it before. Well Newts time is passed and we must look to a leader willing to fight for our country again. Perhaps Rand Paul is that leader.

Some of the Tea Party still want the perfect get along politicians. And libs keep spouting compromise.. “Sorry but get a grip”. We are talking about our country and what our fore fathers fought and died for. Compromise is for the losers and, we cannot lose the Country that made us the greatest, that gave us the lifestyle never before seen in the working class.”

Obama and his handlers refuse to compromise. . We are loosing our freedoms by executive orders.
My father was working class. He worked very hard at times two jobs and was able to give us a home a new car every few years and even the first Color TV’s .on a working class salary. College was affordable and if you were poor you could work and go to school. Many of my age became the best and brightest. What has happened to us that we have allowed Politically Correct Socialist spin to shape public opinion.

Most are afraid to speak up and say stop no more!!! The majority has let the minority run over us. And now we are sure to become the minority if we do not pull together.

Aside from millions of illegal immigrants most Americans have no idea that over one hundred thousand legal immigrants come every month. That is over a Million a year. Just for Democrat votes. Think about it. This really is our last chance to put our country on the right path again. If we fail mediocrity will kill the American dream for our country and our children.

Let Those that came to Washington with a mandate to change things take over and we the real majority put men like Rand Paul in the White House. We will not be sorry. With a Dem President and a Dem Senate and our weak leadership in the Congress ( that has no idea how to pick the battles) it’s just impossible. We need one of the new Congressmen and Senate take the leadership with a tiger for the Constitution as their President.
Don’t blame the new congress. Blame the old Dems and Republicans. leadership in Congress and Senate we can rid ourselves of Rhino’s and Progressive Democrats And save our country.

7,076 new regulatory rules have been issued under the President in just his first several months. he campaigned against regulations and more than 14 MILLION more Americans are on food stamps
gas prices have risen 80% since Obama took office and have been above $3.00 a gallon everyday in 2011. Obama was again dealing away Social Security by trying to reduce payroll tax by two percentage points, which will divert an estimated $120 billion from the SS trust fund. The resulting debt is shifted to the general treasury for repayment, increasing the deficit and the excuse to link Social Security with the manufactured panic over the debt .Compromising the future solvency of Social Security with a payroll tax holiday.

Economist Michael Hudson notes that Obama has swapped a $13 trillion bailout of Wall St. for cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, as well as education.

You can see the weakness in the the Conservative Party. Its not all their fault. It is the lack of a strong leader who will pull them together. And call out the weasels in the party like McCain and Graham. “We should not care about anything else that divides us other than the constitution”  to get us on the right path again .

Dividing Americans on issues is how Obama, Hillary, Holder and those with their same Ideology came to power.
As we have learned The Obama Progressives do not care about our people or country but having Americans under their thumb. Saving The United States Of America is not the Job for A Rhino Compromising President.

We must give our next President support. And we should only ask that he fights for our Constitution and appoints Judges that follow this perfect document containing our fundamental laws: a document outlining the basic principles by which our country is governed.2016 is upon us and its the last chance. Obama administration has put all the regulations and new laws in place and now in his second term he is implementing them. They are prepared to fight and the Fema Camps and UN soldiers are ready to assist.
Do not take my word for start to study by using the internet. Already information is disappearing. when you search the propaganda comes up first so go back far enough in the search engine.

If we do not start to think as warriors we will get the Progressive Obama America the, uninformed voted for.

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