Schumer coordinating Imigration votes with his GOP allies McCain and Graham.behind the scenes.

McCain and Graham stab conservatives in the back and betray working Americans by joining with schumer and the vote grabbing Democrats.

All eight members of the group met in private before each committee hearing, hashing out which amendments they would support and oppose as a united coalition. Senate aides said amendments were rejected if either side felt they would shatter the deal.The carefully plotted orchestration was highlighted when the committee debated a Sessions amendment to bar unauthorized immigrants from receiving public benefits until they earned green cards, which would take a decade.As the voting began, Schumer leaned over to an aide and whispered: “Do our Republicans have a pass on this one?”

The comment was picked up on a live microphone, Senate aides confirmed that Republicans feared they could not withstand the backlash of voting against the measure, so they agreed privately with the Democrats that the Gang of Eight members would split their votes.

“They were in total control of everything,” said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, which advocates for low immigration levels. Beck and Krikorian gave Sessions, Grassley and Cruz credit for doing the best they could under the circumstances — that is, “to draw public attention to the weaknesses of the bill,” Beck said, citing border control in particular. They also expect the debate on the full Senate floor to be bloodier.

But in the opening round, at least, “the whole thing was political theater. “It was all scripted out; everybody read their lines like they were supposed to. Everybody knew what they were going to do. They knew the outcome of every vote before it happened.”

The 50% of Tax Payers cant afford more”

A real let them eat cake moment

Pelosi and accomplices laughing at the voters In a ” let them eat cake momment” As they walk by thousands of Tea Party families protesting ObamaCare



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