Progressive Democrates assault Texas,Florida,North Carolina with divide and vanquish tactics

Texas can anticipate the same type of campaign we’ve already seen in states such as Florida and now North Carolina. A heavy push on voter registration, with financial incentives, along with a renewed effort at voter-mobilization initiatives, but most importantly, a heavy dose of the standard politics of hate that define the Democratic Party today.

Battleground Texas will endeavor to “influence public opinion in Texas via messaging that depicts Republicans as racists who do not understand the needs and concerns of nonwhite voters,” the Daily Caller notes.

In effect, more of the divide and conquer strategy heavy on class warfare and racial disharmony that has been the benchmark of the Obama presidency.

Jeremy Bird Mr. Obama’s field director, he revolutionized the effectiveness of the traditional field model, registering, among a great many others, 361,000 left-leaning voters in Florida, 156,000 left-leaning voters in Colorado and 96,000 left-leaning voters in Nevada. Not bad, considering Mr. Obama’s candidacy was no longer an historic first.

And as a reward for his 2012 successes, the former director is practically able to name his job. Mr. Bird chose Texas, and if he spends any significant time there, it is because he really thinks he can win. Indeed, if anybody can win in Texas, it’s him.and his divide and conquer strategy

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