Partner groups for America Votes include a number that received thousands of dollars in donations from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Colorado’s secretary of state has “

approved petition language” for recall efforts aimed at State Senate President John Morse (D) and Rep. Mike McLachlan (D). The recall campaigns are in response to their support of expanded gun control laws in the state.

Recalls are also being being pushed for Reps. Rhonda Fields (D) and Evie Hudak (D). Fields pushed for 15 round magazine limits. Hudak made a name for herself by telling a rape victim that if she’d had a gun on her person, her attacker “would have been able to get that from [her] and possibly use it against [her].”

A support group has been formed to defend Morse during the recall effort. The group, which calls itself “A Whole Lot Of People For John Morse,” is funded by America Votes-Colorado. Ironically, partner groups for America Votes include a number that received thousands of dollars in donations from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

 Could True The Vote Be a Democrat Scam????   HOUSTON, TX. May 7, 2013 True the Vote (TTV), the nation’s leading voters’ rights organization, today announced its settlement with the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections regarding records inspection rights under federal law and the Florida Constitution. The agreement provides True the Vote access to all ballots, registrations, and other election related data necessary to conduct an audit of a federal election in Florida’s 18th congressional district. The audit will be led not by government entities or political parties, but by concerned citizens.?????

True the Vote can now begin reconstruction and review of the 18th Congressional District election race between Colonel Allen West and Patrick Murphy,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said. “We must stop this scandalous cycle of ignoring failures in our electoral process when the campaigns and cameras go home. Understanding how failures in administration can effect elections, as we saw in St. Lucie County, will help prevent them from occurring in the future. We cannot allow slipshod standards to become pandemic across our country’s election processes – citizens can and will stand up in defense of election integrity.” ???

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