Government camouflaged as serving us when in fact, we the people are the servants.

obama cold eyes

We see that the systems we allow to shape our lives are camouflaged as serving us when in fact, we the people are the servants. It seems even the institutions and activist groups with altruistic beginnings are infiltrated by instruments of chaos or control.

I hear only silence while executive orders, signed in seclusion, override our constitution. Our lawmakers provide more restrictions than FREEDOM, with little thought to our pursuit of happiness . Our legal system incarcerates rather than liberates. Social engineering creates dependence and constrictions rather than independence and individual growth. I see the misuse of our military, in my name, to destroy thousands of innocent lives in sovereign countries that have done us no harm. We are ruled by BUREAUCRATS and threatened by AGENCIES. Are we to be saved from or by the Home Land Security, the NSA, the Patriot Act, NDAA, the TSA, the FBI, the IRS, DHS, and MONSANTO ? I watch as citizens are encumbered by restrictions, codes, regulations, fees, taxes, penalties, and prison. WE THE PEOPLE have our very lives endangered by our educational system, pharmaceuticals, health care, IPA, FDA, and street drugs brought to us by our own CIA.

The private federal reserve and the global bankster Billionaires are handed trillions of tax payer dollars while in collusion with factors on Wall Street to destroy the foundations of our economy, and they face no penalty.
We have a two-headed, single political party, which gives the illusion of choice and a party to blame. Our system motivates politicians who can charm and spell their way into a leadership position of betrayal, while collecting the rewards for doing the bidding of the real global masters of humanity. 

We scuffle with the desire to change the systems, to inform friends and neighbors, to write my congressperson. How can we awaken enough citizens to create a difference? Our media fails to inform us, and people are too tired, too busy, and too distracted to SEEK THE TRUTH. From the center I know the only thing I can change is myself; yet I still want to go out on the edge and SCREAM to we the people – WAKE UP! WAKE UP! We are the servants!

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