Comments from MSN readers show how citizens feel about, Obama’s gun control views.

Fears of crime, a potential crackdown on gun owners, and social collapse have Americans loading up as never before.


What is stupid about gun control is that it only stops law biding citizens. If I am going to go into a school and shoot everyone, do you think I care about a gun law saying guns aren’t allowed at schools? Do you think they care about a gun law saying I can’t carry a concealed weapon? I read at one point several years ago (it is no doubt worse now) that the average person that commits murder with a gun breaks 17 gun laws in the process. Seriously they are going to murder someone!!! The last thing on their mind is gun laws. I can almost hear him thinking, “I really want to murder this guy but man I can’t carry a concealed weapon and I can’t have guns at school. I guess I won’t murder him.” You think gangs care that Chicago and DC are enacting ever stricter gun laws to the point they practically want them illegal in the city limits? You think they are going to give up their guns? Not a chance. But what they now have is a situation where they know they can break into any house they want and the owner of that house can’t legally have a gun to protect himself. IDIOTS!!! My kindergartner has more common sense than that. Gun laws only stop good citizens from carrying guns and thus being able to defend themselves.. People that are willing to commit murder don’t care about gun laws and will find away to get guns no matter what just like people find away to get illegal drugs The fact that Chicago and DC have some of the strictest gun laws yet also have some of the worst gun violence should be proof of that but some people can’t stand facts.

Agree 2,677 disagree 138

“Politicians prefer unarmed peasants”  Agree  2,218   disagree 105

It really is pretty simple WHY Americans continue to arm themselves…FEAR or SOCIALISM and the confiscation of private property are the two main reasons.Read Marx’ Das Capital or Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Socialism starts with disarming the middle class and then destroying them. Socialists must seize the wealth of one group to distribute to others. Those that pay the taxes now fear those that leech off society and contribute nothing to the greater good.That is what is driving gun sales. FEAR of Socialism. Fear of Economic collapse that Obama’s policies have brought upon us. We can see Greece and Spain riot over seizing less from those that work. We can see the violence of the far left throughout history. Stalin, Mao, Chevas, Castro, Hitler, etc…   Agree  1,967      disagree 259

You cant blame folks for gearing up for the inevitable rioting and cival wars that are coming in the wake of the Federal Govt collapse.   Agree  1,195       Disagree 76

“Gun sales are rising because we have a nut job in the White House. ”

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