several Democrats insisted that Obama should raise the debt limit by Executive fiat

Where they won’t act, I willIn July, he once again admitted that he found the idea of bypassing congress and the constitutional separation of powers “tempting”.Only wannabe dictators find the idea of unilaterally implementing once’s will and whims without accountability “tempting”. Obama never talks about the constitutional limits placed on his power but with disgust, as in, “sorry I haven’t been able to implement the utopian agenda as quickly as I want, but that pesky constitution and the other two branches of government have been getting in my way.”

Obama wasn’t the only one expressing such sentiments. During the debt ceiling debate, several Democrats insisted that Obama should raise the debt limit by Executive fiat, falsely claiming that the 14th Amendemnt gives the Executive branch the power to ignore the debt ceiling imposed by congress.

In September, North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue floated the idea of suspending the 2012 elections so congress could make whatever decisions they felt necessary without worrying about accountability to the voters.

Obama’s former director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag echoed the suggestion, saying:

…we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic.

Lee DeCovnick warned at American Thinker:

…this was not a mistake, and the mask was purposefully and deliberately allowed to slip. This is classic Alinsky; the forbidden idea enters the public discussion, the liberal experts and analysts seriously debate the horror as if it were a reasonable, the public becomes increasingly insensitive to the outrageous nature of the idea, more experts add their weight to the idea, and suddenly a horror becomes cutting edge, an acceptable option for the elites to foist on the masses.

Though he had abused Executive orders in the past, Obama began seriously setting the stage for going around congress and imposing his agenda by Executive fiat during the “jobs bill” debate in September.

When the bill failed to pass in October, Obama declared that the American people “won’t take ‘no’ for an answer” and began pushing ahead to implement key portions without congressional authorization.

On the 24th, he announced his plan to abuse Executive orders to bypass congress on mortgage refinancing and student loans, calling congress “dysfunctional” and declaring that “we can’t wait.”

One News Now reported that Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government, was offering serious warnings about Obama’s behavior:“The president now has decided that he can operate through executive order, without Congress…It’s particularly disturbing when you look at the fact that , his key supporters and backers — including elected officials — have been urging him to basically ignore Congress and rule by decree.”Wilson concludes by saying that as the president begins his “rule-by-decree tour” around the western United States, it will be important for watchdogs in Congress to ensure that he does not overstep his constitutional Columnist John Rossomando urged congress to grow a spine and “check our out-of-control president,” to no avail.

On October 25th, Obama announced:

…we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will. I’ve told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without Congress…and we’re going to be announcing these executive actions on a regular basis.

He immediately issued several more Executive orders designed to bypass congress.

Unfortunately, House Speaker John Boehner seemed to view Obama’s abuses as a joke, telling radio talk show host Laura Ingraham:

“This idea that you’re just going to go around the Congress is just, it’s almost laughable.”

It wasn’t laughable. It’s DANGEROUS. When Obama couldn’t get “Card Check” through congress, he used the NLRB to advance the Big Labor agenda. When the people’s representatives rejected “Cap and Trade,” he turned the EPA into a channel for imposing the environmentalist agenda via regulatory fiat. When the DREAM Act failed, Obama began implementing it anyway by Executive order.

It’s becoming frighteningly clear how Obama treats the constitution he considers “flawed” when it gets in the way of all the things he believes that government should provide (at the expense of the rule of law and our liberties).

In November, Obama ramped up his “We Can’t Wait” campaign in earnest, testing a usurpation of the Legislative branch’s role of imposing taxes by trying to issue a tax from the Executive branch (which he later retracted).

Two weeks later, he issued another Executive order to spend $1 Billion dollars on expanding the healthcare workforce.

In December, Obama signed a spending bill and then unilaterally discarded whatever parts of it he didn’t like.

As 2012 began, the Associated Press reported:

Obama’s re-election year will focus almost exclusively on executive action.

…Obama will come out with at least two or three directives per week, continuing the “We Can’t Wait” campaign the administration began this fall, and try to define Republicans in Congress as gridlocked and dysfunctional.

Whatever Obama and his media parrots like to claim, the truth is that Congress was and is not “dysfunctional.” It’s working exactly as our founders designed it to. What Obama calls “gridlock” is actually what is known as “constitutional checks and balances.” Our founders designed the separation of powers in our federal government precisely for such a time as this, for such a tyrant as this, if only the Legislative and Judicial branches had the spine to assert their constitutional authority and hold the Executive branch in check.

Unfortunately, the impotent response Obama has received thus far has only emboldened him.

Barely a week into the new year, Obama defied the constitution to make ‘Recess Appointments’ while that Senate was still in session, including three appointments to the NLRB who are tasked with shoring up union support for Obama in 2012 by any means necessary, such as forced unionization to increase membership and dues which can be put towards campaign contributions.

Americans for Prosperity VP Phil Kerpen warns at PJ Media that Obama’s reelection strategy is to bypass congress and trample the Constitution:

…the Obama election strategy for election 2012 is to act as if election 2010 never happened, disregard the Republicans in Congress, and put the full force of the federal executive apparatus to work towards his reelection.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department is already blocking state voter ID laws from going into effect and preventing voter fraud.

Obama is bypassing congress to relax immigration laws so that ACORN will have as many illegal voters to recruit as possible.

Obama is deliberately implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy he learned as a “community organizer” for ACORN: hasten the fall of capitalism by recruiting so many people into government entitlement programs that the overloaded welfare state collapses under a flood of impossible demands, thus creating a societal crisis which opens the door for a socialist revolution.

There will continue to be more blatant constitutional violations, power grabs, bribes and illegal appointments as long as congress does nothing.

Steve McCann warns at American Thinker that Obama’s actions are eerily reminiscent of the World War II’s European despots he lived through:

I had to survive a war that was precipitated by those who were initially elected by the people in a democratic fashion. Yet once in power, they began to systematically usurp and overthrow the rule of law. Their lust for power led them to shred any written constitution or traditions as they systematically imposed new regulations, laws, and executive orders geared primarily to centralize authority in the government as individual rights and liberties were extinguished. In due course, they and their cronies became the government, as the people were powerless to stop them.

The people of Germany, the most advanced society in continental Europe, or Italy in the first four years of the 1930s, would have found it incredible to imagine what became of those countries by 1945. They would not think it even remotely possible.

The history of the United States and its traditions of liberty and individual freedom should be a bulwark against the successful emergence of people like Obama and his cronies. Yet why are the media, or the opposition party, or the members of Congress or the judiciary not shouting from the highest hilltop and taking action to stop these power-grabs? Has this country enjoyed peace and prosperity so long that everyone is jaded and preoccupied with him- or herself, or in a self-induced stupor either ignoring what’s happening or saying that these unconstitutional steps are minor? Is it because Obama happens to have black skin and everyone is too intimidated by political correctness to speak? Or is it as it was in Germany, Italy, and Russia among many — a belief that the worst could never happen here?

I have seen and experienced the worst that man can offer, I am not intimidated, and I will say without reservation that Barack Obama and his cronies have the same mindset in their tactical approach, philosophy, and lust for power that was extant in Benito Mussolini and the Fascists in the early days of their regime.

The Marxist organizers of Occupy Wall Street are already training activists in Alinskyite intimidation tactics.




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