DNC Charlotte: Bill Clinton

Posted by Luis522 on September 6, 2012 –TPP

Yes, Bill Clinton is STILL the spin MASTER. But, he sounds OLD. As old as the message that the dems have been pushing and shoving down ourthroats. He spun his cocoon around the Convention; an watertight one that WON’T let anything IN — meaning US. This moment WILL pass. Tomorrow it goes back to Obama’s 4 years of talking points. Tomorrow there will still be Biden. If Obama truly had intention of what he had PROMISED, during the 2008 campaign, of “working across the aisle”, he WOULD HAVE done so from day one. But, he DIDN’T. Obama had ANOTHER CHANCE to HONOR his promise, after the PEOPLE voiced their grievances, and expressed their words at the polls, back in 2010.

BUT HE DIDN’T! He won’t.

Yes, old man Clinton had a huge task – trying to mop up Obama’s ideological MESS. After a while, which lasted almost an HOUR, it started to uosnd like the ramblings of a man that STILL wishes VERY BADLY that he was still in power. After that lgno while, even the crowd started getting tired of it. So, I have to wonder. In closing, did the crowd, perhaps, applaud so loudly because Bill’s INDOCTRINATION SPEECH had finally ended? I know I was relieved when it did finish!

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