Obama Plans to Run Navy As A Corporation ????? Tell Me It.s Not True

I do hope this post is not for real. But with all the things we thought could not happen in America and did. I feel its possible. Please someone tell us this is not true.
Here is the post.
I just received a call from my son. He’s in the US Navy and what he told me floored me! The Obama administration aka Obama is getting rid of the Navy as a military unit and plans to run it as a corporation. Only the top 5% of any job rating will be retained, the rest will be let go!!! How sneaky and underhanded can you be???
(I think that the Navy which would be run as a corporation can then hire and fire at will. This is probably the first phase of the undermining of America. Without its military, I can think of no strong deterrent to oppose the government. Yes! the government. Why is the administration planning to have armed civilian marauders administering justice aka oppression as it sees fit turning this nation into a 3rd rate power.)
You cannot, you must not let this nation fall! Get rid of the administration entirely. Imp[each Obama.

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