one of the more odious parts of Obamacare. The federal government not the “evil” banks, are now in charge of Student Loans.

Did you ever get the feeling that you are living in a federal police state? Maybe you should. On June 7th, a federal SWAT team of 15 heavily armed thugs broke into the home of Stockton California resident Kenneth Wright at 6 a.m. “So what,” you may ask. “He probably committed some horrible crime.”

Well, Wright had no criminal record at all and had done nothing wrong, but they didn’t break in by accident. It seems that his estranged wife had defaulted on her student loan and the federal Department of Education was exercising “collection procedures.”

“I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers,” Wright said. They broke down his door, grabbed Wright by the neck and led him outside on his front lawn. They then threw him to the ground and one of Obama’s Gestapo put his knee on his back.

Oh yes, they also confiscated Wright’s three children, ages 3, 7, and 11 and put them in a Stockton police patrol car with him. Obama’s KGB then searched his house, presumably for overdue library books.

Perhaps you have forgotten one of the more odious parts of Obamacare. The federal government not the “evil” banks, are now in charge of Student Loans. You can expect more of this collection procedure in the future.

According to the Department of Education’s Office of the Inspector General, the case can’t be discussed publicly until it is closed, but a spokesperson did confirm that the Obama department did issue the search warrant at Wright’s home.

As usual, the federal goose steppers asked the Stockton Police Department to provide one officer and one patrol car just for a police presence when carrying out the search warrant. The feds do this, to create the illusion that local police agreed with the action.

People have forgotten that the federal Department of Education (which doesn’t educate) was formed under Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1979. The equally odious Department of Energy (that produces no energy) was also formed under Democrat Carter in 1977. These are just two examples of the silent increase in federal power to coerce.

Perhaps the next step will be for Department of Energy SWAT teams to break into your home if you aren’t keeping it at the government prescribed temperature. They can bat you around, confiscate your computer and other records, search your home and either pillage your boiler or confiscate your air conditioners.

Welcome to the “Remaking America.”

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