Obama Neglect’s US Taxpayers By Spending Our Money Abroad

There will never be Democracy in these so called Arab Spring uprisings. I believe Obama is wasting Billions of US Tax Payers money. Americans suffer while this Socialist Administration sends their dollars abroad.

In addition to the billions expected to be promised to Egypt and Tunisia, and the sanctions being placed on Syria, Obama has already announced hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to Jordan. Jordan however is not a Middle East nation where an Arab Spring live resolution has taken places. This has many questioning the sincerity of the money being sent in support of pro-democracy Arab uprisings.
All in all, billion of US tax payer dollars are being poured into the Middle East and North African regions while at home Americans continue to suffer.
Across the United States most municipalities and states are slashing spending and curtailing budgeted programs. Social programs, welfare, unemployment benefits and the like are bringing harder to obtain. This, while more and more Americans find themselves without homes, unemployed and unable to afford food for the next day as prices soar.
American taxpayer dollars are being used to finance the well-being of others while Americans are unable to cope with their own problems. Many feel Obama is neglecting domestic issues and the US economy by focusing too much on Arab revolutions – placing foreign policy above his own people.

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