Florida Hires 1400 TemporaryTeachers with Stimulas Money

What were they thinking would happen when the money ran out?
Now we have 1400 Teachers Protesting the Legislature when they are let go!! Probably joined an SEIU Global Union as well. Makes ones Blood Boil. Lets hope Florida Governor stands firm with these new breed of Socialist Teachers brain washing our children and spending our tax dollars on themserlves.

Teachers Unions understand the financial situation we’re all in and they refuse to make concessions. “To be honest, I think they understand but the better question is whether or not they actually care. Why would any American Teacher Join an SEIU sponsored organization??????????

The several hundred SEIU Members where bused in to Stand in front of the Head Quarters of a Teachers Union, where an event was held, in an attempt to intimidate people from attending. When that Failed, SEIU Members began to lob Eggs and Water bottles at those entering. Several Members from the Union, UNITE HERE, were also assaulted with Eggs and some claimed to have even been “Roughed Up”.
And still Teachers join SEIU Unions? I guess we know why?

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