Do we labor to serve Government ? Aren’t we entitled to our own assets?

Do we labor to serve Government ? Aren’t we entitled to our own assets?
“Progressive” government officials. The Progressives claim that they are enacting regulations and controlling our behavior to make things better for us. However every time we dig into the details, we find out they are really acting in their own best interest, not ours. All in all, Progressives are pretty simple to understand. They think they are smarter than the rest of us peasants, and their “superior intelligence” gives them the justification they need to play God. (which explains why most progressives don’t believe in God but that’s for another post) Progressives feel uniquely qualified to pick societies’ winners and losers. They feel justified in leveraging the power they derive from that authority. In their Progressive world, the ruling class represented by the intelligentsia is the only real winners.
When asked by a Progressive why people became so mad at the town hall meetings in the fall of 2010. First of all, we weren’t mad. What the politicians heard was our righteous indignation. We were insulted because our elected officials were cramming life shattering legislation, like Obamacare, down our throats. Then to add insult to injury, the politicians were trying to sweet talk us into believing they were looking out for us. Like Liberty, we’re not that stupid. If the government-run healthcare plan was so great, the Congress and their staff would have required that they were enrolled in Obamacare. Instead, they slipped language into the bill giving them an exception to keep their own Cadillac healthcare plan. Clearly they thought that Obamacare was good enough for the peasants but the ruling class deserved something better.
Frankly, we have grown tired of the Progressives trying to run our lives. We are tired of being treated like fools. We’re really tired of being treated like serfs.

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