On March 3rd, Arizona Senator Lori Klein was one vote shy of passing her SB 1433 initiative which would have made Arizona the first in the nation to protect its Tenth Amendment rights and place the state in a position to void unconstitutional acts of the federal government currently bankrupting all states.

Sixteen Senate votes were needed to pass the measure on to the House and on March 4th, sixteen senators voted YES to put SB 1433 back on the floor for consideration vote on March 8th.

But between March 3rd and March 8th, the leftist press came out of the woodwork against the bill and through a string of false news reports, convinced three YES votes to defect by Tuesdays vote.

At the end of the day though, it was not nutty Democrats or their leftist press that killed SB 1433 and ended any hope of states’ rights in Arizona, it was nine Republicans in the Arizona Senate.

Nancy Barto, R – John Nelson, R – Rich Crandall, R – Steve Pierce, R – Steve Yarbrough, R – Adam Driggs, R – Linda Gray, R – John McComish, R – Michele Reagan, R – ALL voted against the measure on Tuesday, I guess after reading all the false reports from their local leftist press, proving again that Republican doesn’t always mean conservative.

These nine Republicans stood with nine senate Democrats, against twelve Republicans with real backbone and a deep respect for the constitutional rights of their state.
Senator Lori Klein had done all she could do and Senate President Pearce admonished the body for lacking the backbone to protect the citizens of Arizona and he was right. Senator Don Shooter put his political career on the line to vote YES, even when he knew the bill was doomed, willing to do the right thing no matter the cost.

Funny how doing the right thing has always been considered radical. The Founding Fathers were all considered radicals too though, so Shooter is keeping good company, along with the other brave senators who voted YES on SB 1433, no matter the cost.

The good news is – This vote makes it crystal clear which nine senate Republicans need to be replaced in Arizona. Arizona conservative have some work to do…

The leftist reporters and lawyers should find new careers…


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