Money Talks in Washington As The American People Are Getting the Screwing They Elected in November 2008

.(“We’re in an area right now that makes Watergate look like a Shirley Temple movie.”)

GE’s running TV networks that prop up liberalism, the global warming issue and Obama, while privately lobbying hard for cap-and-trade, from which it intends to profit heavily illustrate, the best that can be said about General Electric is that it is hip deep in conflict of interest. It’s running TV networks that prop up liberalism, the global warming issue and Obama, while privately lobbying hard for cap-and-trade, from which it intends to profit heavily.

In a Washington Examiner op-ed, journalist Timothy Carney points out the eyebrow-raising ties between President Barack Obama’s team and GE’s leadership. According to Carney, “GE CEO Jeff Immelt sits on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and GE owns MSNBC, the network famously friendly to Obama.”

Immelts’s place on the board is concerning for a number of reasons. First and foremost, GE has been the recipient of bailout funds and stands to benefit from current and future contracts with the U.S. government. This may partly explain MSNBC’s highly favorable treatment of the Obama administration. With GE’s CEO sitting on Obama’s economic panel, it is no surprise that* MSNBC rarely provides critical coverage of the administration. Furthermore, GE’s environmental business interests may explain why NBC recently joined Hollywood in inserting environmentally-friendly messaging into network programming. Furthermore, NBC promotes two annual campaigns — “Green Week” and “Earth Week” — that focus on environmentalism.

Media connections are just the tip of the iceberg. GE’s increased permeation into other sectors will have a more profound impact on policy and, in turn, Americans’ lives. A December 2009 Vanity Fair article points to what it calls suspicious “GE-friendly developments” that were spearheaded by the Obama administration. Following Immelt’s placement on Obama’s board, GE found a loophole and became the biggest benefactor of the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, a federal bailout initiativean interesting development considering his close relationship with President Obama and the work being conducted through the Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

after months of the Obama administration claiming that the government would not allocate $1 billion for the Joint Strike Fighters program (a fighter engine in which GE is one of two main benefactors), Obama included the plan in the 2010 Defense Authorization Bill. One wonders what caused Obama to change course, considering his previous opposition to GE’s engine. In fact,** Defense Secretary Robert Gates threatened to recommend a veto should funding for the engine be included in the bill. Somehow, perceptions changed quite fluidly.

As reported by Reuters, back in September 2009, President Obama decided to cancel plans to install “inceptor missiles” in Poland and a “radar complex” in the Czech Republic. Both of these security elements were intended to ward off missiles coming from rogue states. Perhaps most concerning was Russia’s response that immediately followed Obama’s announcement: “Shortly after the pullback on the shield program was announced, Russia’s government said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin would meet several U.S. executives…from firms including General Electric, Morgan Stanley…”

Obama’s decision to change course on the missile program appeases Russia, while opening the door for GE and other U.S. businesses to more readily operate there.

If compromising media coverage, national security and economic interests were not enough, the energy sector is also at play. GE is looking to partner with the U.S. government in an effort to manage greenhouse gas credits. Tim Carney points out that* GE has created a new “joint venture” called Greenhouse Gas Services (GGS). GGS invests in and seeks to manage greenhouse gas credits, and without the government stepping in to restrict greenhouse gases, GGS cannot turn a profit.* Obama has answered this call by promising to create a greenhouse gas industry by 2012, providing yet another potentially lucrative opportunity for GE.

With new business on the horizon, Carney points out the potential ramifications of GE’s quest for greenhouse dominance.* These potential downsides include: increased electricity and heating costs, increased manufactured and shipping goods costs and environmental costs as a result of Ethanol usage. : “When the lobbying fingerprints of GE and other well-connected firms are considered, it’s not hard to conclude that* the policy that will finally emerge won’t be the one that is best for the planet and least bad for the economy, but the one that is best for General Electric.”

The overall goal, is to increase GE’s standing in the health care industry. Perhaps most intriguing was Immelt’s pledge to influence consumers in their health behaviors as well as NBC and MSNBC’s commitment to begin airing more health-related stories and programming. It will become increasingly necessary to monitor and understand the role that GE will play once health care reform is more solidified. If recent history is any indication, GE will also have a major stake in the nation’s health care sector.

Obama was the top recipient of GE contributions during the 2008 presidential campaign

With such extensive reach into sectors that impact the daily lives of Americans and with international policy at stake, it is in the public’s best interest that close attention be paid to the alliance between GE and the Obama administration.

General Electric in the position to make billions from Obama’s Cap and Trade scheme and is lobbying heavily for it’s passage. Not only are they the largest wind turbine generator maker, they are going to profit heavily from the “cap and trade” credits as possibly the sole “secoindary market’ trader of these credits. Now do you understand the main stream NBC, MSNBC, CNBC fully supporting the Obama agenda, and the hate-filled, anti-conservative spew from their networks.

GE is embroiled in what perhaps could be the largest scandal in the history of this nation. Currently, GE and CEO Jeffery Immelt have spend millions in lobbying efforts to assure the passage of this dasturdly “cap and trade” proposal. And, as evidenced from the Shareholders meeting in Orlando, Immelt wasn’t in the mood for the boo’s and the questions that exposed the media bias from NBC and MSNBC (and CNBC) and their total shift from objective reporting to nothing but pure bias toward the Obama administration and their “cap and trade” scheme.

There can be no doubt that the very reason NBC, MSNBC, and the MSM is fully supporting the “settled science” on climate change is GE profit driven. They stand to make BILLIONS from the promotion of the scam on the American people and the world. It is also no wonder that they fail to report the empirical data studies that are refuting the idea that CO2 is the evil climate change culprit. It is no wonder that GE is spending the millions in lobbying efforts for support of the legislation that makes CO2 an evil thing that only they can resolve. This collusion of GE and the United States government is heading down the road as the largest scandal in American history. If you aren’t outraged now, then please, find another Socialist nation to live in.

it appears that Al Gore is going to be cut out of this deal, will he NOW release new information that reports “global cooling” is NOW the greatest threat to the world?

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