Progressives and Socialists Control the Democratic Party,

Liberal Billionaires who call themselves Progressives and Socialists Control the Democrat Party, the State-Run Media and a great number of those who represent various minority and community organizing groups and the green movement.

The Democratic Party has led the effort to topple America the longest.

It’s members accumulating ever more money, power or notoriety and caring not at all how their actions may impact others or of the effect that it may have on our country.

There are the biggest and notorious Progressive Liberals George Soros,Hillary Clinton, John Kerry.

***Let them redistribute their wealth and live on $40.00 dollars a year. And their travel on private jets. Of course not.!!

But take from the working Americans, call them spoiled, take away their ability to have a sunday drive with their family. Cause the price of food to be so high we can no longer afford to eat what we want!!! Tax and give away our money to Countries that hate us with no benefit to America. Thats all right with them. (They are only looking out for you ) HA!

But how to begin?? They are dominating Media and Activist organizations on a global scale. How do we take back our country from THESE PEOPLE. Start by repealing healthcare and every oppressive bill the Obama Administration and the former terrified and weak Congress passed for him. EVERY ONE!! And pass a balanced budget.

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