We Now Owe China One Trillion Dollars !!!!@!!

. We Now Owe China One Trillion Dollars !!!!@!!Posted by jj campbell on January 18, 2011 at 2:20pm

.When we owed China 700 Billion the American Public screamed stop the spending.
One year later we owe them One Trillion.

We cannot borrow our way out of a $13 Trillion National Debt. Borrowing money from Communist China to give it away to foreign banks and the United Nations is fiscal suicide. Federal spending must be drastically reduced. It is a crime against every American child to continue borrowing them in bondage.

Every community organizer, third world dictators, International Monetary Fund, the UN and Swedish Hookers get the American workers tax dollars. And this administration wants to take SS money from our elderly who paid in all their lives.

Government has wasted the future of our young and the dignity of our aged. And for what.
Look to where we are.

If the Politicians do not repeal every Obama Project that the old liberal congress passed and neuter the Council of Foreign Affairs that run his Administration. Our chance to bring our country back is finished.

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