Most liberal Billionaire Philanthropists, Scam The Public Every Day

Liberal Billionaires who call themselves Progressives and Socialists Control the Democrat Party, the State-Run Media and a great number of those who represent various minority and community organizing groups and the green movement.

The Democratic Party has led the effort to topple America the longest.

It’s members accumulating ever more money, power or notoriety and caring not at all how their actions may impact others or of the effect that it may have on our country.

There are the biggest and notorious Progressive Liberals George Soros,Hillary Clinton, John Kerry. And then there are the less well known Liberal Billionaires like Lynda and Stewart Resnick liberal philanthropists, art collectors, and all around bon-vivants—have clearly reveled in the refinements they’ve introduced to the water-and-dirt foundation of their holdings.

With the takeover of the Kern Water Bank,** a public asset ** that could have been used to supply clean water to nearby farmworkers’ towns—and as a drought-relief water bank for both small towns and farmers—was instead used to safeguard the water supply of almond and pistachio trees in the desert for the Beverly Hills billionaire couple. Since taking over the Kern Water Bank, Paramount has more than doubled its production of almonds and pistachios, becoming the largest grower and processor of the nuts in the world.

a process that also entailed no small amount of payoffs to lawmakers and appropriation of state-financed public facilities. As noted in detail by journalists Mark Arax and Rick Wartzman’s indispensable history, The King of California.

By creating shortages, the liberals expect to “force through dramatic, mandatory conservation laws.” Water, is by far the most abundant substance on the planet. But if the progressive take over of the green agendas have their way, water “will soon be in desperately short supply.”

As an example of the Progressive water agenda, The Sierra Club which “has a laundry list of action times to achieve this, including a nationwide moratorium on withdrawals from, and diversions of, rivers that could affect fish and wildlife or scenic values; groundwater use restrictions; a ban on transfers between watersheds; and redirecting federal efforts away from designing new water development projects and toward maintenance of existing projects.” Liberals have also developed arguments to oppose importing water from Canada, which holds about 20 percent of the world’s fresh water supply, and to prohibit diversions of Great Lakes water by pipeline or ship. They even seek to block exporting bottled water from the Great Lakes. (milloy)

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