How About A Freakin Shield Over The USA!!! Obama Says “Protect Europe With A Shield, But Not His Own Country”

Russia opposes U.S. missile defense plan;

The Treaty Obama and our Progressive Socialists in Washington are pushing to pass on America tomorrow Says United States cannot work on a missle defense program.

Who in the world would agree to this.***Are McCain and Graham about to swing left and vote for it???

Russia says it will not negotiate on any of their demands.

Portugal – November 19, 2010
*** President Barack Obama won NATO summit agreement Friday to build a missile shield over Europe, an ambitious commitment to protect against Iranian attack while demonstrating the alliance’s continuing relevance — but at the risk of further aggravating Russia.

How about a freakin shield over the USA!!!

What in the world is this Socialist pulling now.Protect Europe but his own Country NO. If you are from a McCain or Graham state please call their office. And tell them to Just Say No.

That missile defense shield might already be in place by now if our leaders hadn‘t thrown it out for the favor of glorious people’s republic Russia. People are worried that the opinions of Russia and China are shaping our national defense.

Obama told reporters. “It responds to the threats of our times. It shows our determination to protect our citizens from the threat of ballistic missiles.” Since when does he care about “protecting our citizens….” And this proves it.

Who would have thought this country could come to having a President we cannot trust to protect us.
And Politicians that go along with him.

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