Voters tell 3 Federal Supreme Court justices: You’re fired!

Ouster follows imposition of same-sex ‘marriage’ on Iowans

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily
Iowa voters have expressed their opposition to court-mandated same-sex “marriage” in their state by firing three of the state Supreme Court justices who created the new “right.”
Now those who campaigned for voters to reject Marsha Ternus, David Baker and Michael Streit say they are hoping that the message will reverberate across the country and other judges will begin reining in their activism.

“The people have spoken. Time for the elitist judges to understand there is a constitution and that government is owned by the people,” wrote Dennis S. in a forum at the website.
He said the judges who change the law, and in the case in Iowa step into the role of the executive branch of government by issuing orders to counties regarding marriage licenses, are “truly elistist,” he said.

He said he understands why*** progressive billionaire George Soros is traveling around giving millions of dollars to campaigns to remove voters from the process of picking and keeping judges.

“Euthanasia, the violation of property rights, the most egregious and barbaric ideas have come not from ‘we the people,’ but from elitist judges,” he said.
Judge Roy Moore, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who runs the Foundation for Moral Law, told WND that the Iowa justices rejected the will of the people and the law they adopted.
Their removal, he said, “is a tremendously overwhelming message to the rest of the nation, that judges can be held accountable,” he said.
“This sends a message. Maybe judges won’t be as complacent and as radically activist if they realize people will rise up,” he said.

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