AARP And S.I.E.U Joined at the Hip

Issa Report finds ACORN Fraud, SEIU Connections (“Follow the Money: ACORN, SEIU and .. Allies”)
Human Events by Connie Hair
Republicans on the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee have released a new report leveling fresh allegations and evidence of corruption against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

Entitled “Follow the Money: ACORN, SEIU and their Political Allies,” the report presents information gleaned from committee investigations into hundreds of bank accounts, shell organizations incorporated under myriad sections of the internal revenue code, even an ACORN-directed accounting firm, Citizens Consulting Inc., charged with obscuring the trail and use of funding streams pouring into ACORN from taxpayers and charitable contributions alike.
The report includes a blistering executive summary of four crucial findings:

“AARP does not operate a PAC, but its employees gave candidates, committees and parties $53,200, with Democrats receiving 90 percent of that.”

SEIU & AARP…joined at the hip and helping write amnesty/healthcare legislation. AARP uses your dollars to fund the likes of:
MALDEF – Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund

AARP says: “”Anybody who looks at immigration has to look at aging,” says Harry R. Moody, director of academic affairs at AARP. “First, immigration affects the age structure of society” by adding younger members to the population, he says. “Second, the people who do hands-on care work are immigrants. Look at our nursing homes! We have an image of people picking tomatoes — that’s not the whole story. Immigrants are the front-line caregivers.”
& (Fannie Mae gives to them, too!)

AARP also contributes to LULAC
La Raza
And from AARP’s ‘Latino’ magazine….

Meet AARP’s New CEO: A. Barry Rand
A. Barry Rand, chairman of the Board of Trustees at Howard University and a **nationally recognized agent for social change, has been tapped as AARP’s new chief executive officer. He will become the organization’s first African American CEO when he assumes the position in April.

AARP Welcomes Jacob Lozada
AARP Board member Jacob Lozada gives AARP Segunda Juventud readers his perspective on issues facing U.S. Hispanics and how he hopes to boost AARP’s profile in his native Puerto Rico.

AND AARP works hand in hand with the SEIU. They are the ones formulating the legislation that the dems are pushing.

“– AARP, Business Roundtable and SEIU, which together represent more than 50 million Americans, today took another groundbreaking step for their “Divided We Fail” group by jointly delivering endorsed principles for health information technology (IT) legislation to Congress.

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