The Victor of the Deleware US Senate Race Will Immediatly Take Office After November 2nd. And Have a Vote In The Lame Duck Session.

The Victor of the Delaware US Senate Race Will immediatly take Office after November 2nd. and have a vote in the Lame Duck Session.
***Now we know why Obama made the trips.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Odonnells opponent “Coons the Tax Man” has voted with Pelosi and the rest of the Progressives 100% of the time.

Stop Reckless Spending – We cannot borrow our way out of a $13 Trillion National Debt. Borrowing money from Communist China to give it away to foreign banks and the United Nations is fiscal suicide. Federal spending must be drastically reduced. It is a crime against every American child to continue borrowing them in bondage.

Lets get smart We need Christine Odonnell one vote could make a difference on some of this Lunatic spending that could be passed in this Lame Duck Session.

Remember this last month?
“So we are to believe that they have sent Obama into Delaware, not to campaign for Chris Coons, but to use this as an opportunity to illustrate what a wing-nut Christine O’Donnell is. Really??? The president of the United States has got so much free time on his hands, they have assessed genuine value in sending him to Delaware to expose Christine O’Donnell? Something’s not right.”

Smearing this Woman is the typical Political Weasel Juice. Even lets make a deal Rhinos are afraid of her as she wont make a deal.
Giving her a chance will be better than electing Coons.

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