Does anyone see any real hope based in facts?

Does anyone see any real hope based in facts?  States are on the brink of total insolvency.  Monthly unemployment for the past year and a half in the six figure range month after month, with literally no end in sight, and the president tells us that those jobs are not coming back.  Banks failing month after month.  Small businesses failing or closing up shop, every single month.  Where is the hope/change that we could believe in?  I will admit that this is all a change from the prosperity that we once knew, but is it the change that we thought that we were actually being promised?  This Administration gives us change for the worst that most Americans do not even know about. Thousands of pages of change and congress doesn’t know what they signed in these bills. They admit it as well. So why are they kept in office by the overburdened tax payer?? Every democrat in congress signed the healthcare bill and just about anything their party leaders insisted they sign. Now as the people begin to wake up So many of them are talking Conservative just to get elected then right back to the same old greedy liars.  So lets not listen to what they Say(they make it sound so good) Listen only to what they have done that hurts our country.And vote them out. 

McCain so likable yet if you really listen to him he talks big about closing ther borders. But still Will vote for amnesty and a path to citizenship.  It’s been tried it does not work. But he seems to be fooling the voters of his state again. I have to laugh at reed he is now for not building the NY Mosque!!!!!!!!!!!  These People will say anything they do not believe in to get elected and then do as they please regardless of what Americans want.

Do not let the party go on. They have Bankrupted this Nation and deserve to go.

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