THREE Counties in Arizona are now off Limits to AMERICAN CITIZENS Coward’s blog

The U.S. Government has just ceded soveriegnty of three counties in Arizona to the invaders. American citizens are being told they can’t travel in 80 miles of area that used to belong to the United States of America. It is too dangerous even for law enforcement. Heavily armed drug smugglers and ‘invader’ smugglers have taken over a portion of our land and now rule it with impunity.

Yet, our government does nothing. Our government…or at least the Democrat side of our government, stands and applauds the Mexican President as he lectures the United States on immigration policy when nearly 30,000 of his citizens have been slain because he can’t control the drug lords in his country.

Why are we standing still for this? It is near the time when the citizens of this country must take up arms ourselves to beat back those who would deprive us of our security, our soveriegnty, our safety, and our freedoms to travel in our own land. Why is the President of our country silent on this travesty and this blatant invasion?

We are an inept people. We are an impotent people. Political correctness, multi-culturalism and all inclusive liberalism is destroying us at a rapid rate and yet we do nothing.

Arizonans would be vilified, arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sent to prison if they raised up arms in their defense. The media slams militias as anti-American and anti-government, when now it seems militias are all that can keep the invaders….or will be willing to keep the invaders…from taking us over.

Those of you who think such a thought is overkill or lunacy, please take a look. THREE counties in Arizona are now off limits to AMERICAN CITIZENS because it is TOO DANGEROUS due to invaders from ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!

It is time to wake up. It is time to arm up. It is time for the federal government to protect us, or it will be time for us to protect ourselves.

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