Leftists in the Whitehouse

 I am sure there are some good people in Congress and the Senate that want to do good for the American people. But are afraid of this new gang of Chicago thugs in the White House. These thugs use the Media for propaganda and to destroy people. My Politics are conservative I do believe that the Obama administration is using the Gulf Oil Spill for Politics He will use it to Take over all energy resources in America and to pass Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade is a scheme that would impose heavy carbon taxes and allowances on U.S. industries, which would then have an incentive to move overseas themselves, or to sell those allowances to overseas companies that could use them to become more competitive against U.S. companies. American workers would be the big losers.
A major target of this bill is heavy manufacturing, and industry.* They provide good paying jobs to the middle class. Things are bad for many Americans now but why couldn’t we take care of them. Not the whole world??? Obama and his handlers have given Billions to other country’s and Foreign Banks just this year. We are spending more than we are taking in. If we give them more money or resources we will see no improvement. It will be spend overseas for “The New World Order”  Obama invisions.
We are told to sacrifice turn off the air conditioning. and drive death trap cars or a bicycle I would love to see Congress peddling between the Capital and their town houses in Georgetown.
selling of Carbon Credits will be a mess of fraud.. If Carbon Credits trickle down to be purchased in future by the average citize, Al Gore will have his home at 69 degrees and the poor Grandmother in Florida will be sitting in an 110 degree Apartment. Congress will be driven in cushy cars and we will be waiting for a Bus as they drive by. 

We built this Country that gave our people the greatest Freedom and lifestyle in History. Let other Countries fight for their Country and the rights of it’s Citizens. Our Forefathers fought and died for ours. Do not let these Radicals take it from us.

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